Friday, April 24, 2009

Ruth's Chris style filet minion

This is a real simple recipe for a filet and it almost taste like Ruth's Chris steakhouse, only better:-)
   :First you need some choice cuts of meat, just be sure to not have a lot of fat in the meat, just a little will do. 
   :Then you need bacon. I like apple smoked or maple bacon.
   :Tooth pics to hold the bacon on.
   : I have some special salt, but a medium ground sea salt will work good.
   : Real Butter
   :Ok now you can prep the meat.  Take the salt and sprinkle all over the meat,then take a piece  of bacon and rap around the side of the meat(you may need two pieces depending on size of bacon or filet)use tooth pics to hold on.
  :Now put a hot skillet with a chunk of butter melted in it (pan needs to be hot to seer the meet to hold in juices,but not burn)
  :Now cook to your desired taste; medium, medium well, rare,or medium rare. This could take some practice, so a meat thermometer could help here.
  : Serve with veggies or what ever you would like with your tasty filet.
  : I almost forgot,slice a piece of butter and put on top of filet to melt when done before serving.
  Hope you all enjoy one.


Candace said...

If this is the same cut of meat you prepared for Mama, then I'm definitly making it! Mama bragged and bragged about ur cooking, Kevin! :) I'm going to visit y'all again for some of ur tri-tips though!
Hey, we just purchased a 1/4 of a cow(200 lbs of meat) from some friends at church who raise beef cattle. I have some Minute Steaks in the deep freezer now...any recommendations on how to cook'm?

Kevin W said...

you can do the same thing as the filet, just without the bacon. maybe add some pepper and garlic, sear it first then turn the heat down to cook it slower, and maybe a splash of olive oil to sizzle in:-)