Friday, April 24, 2009

Grills, cotton candy, and fireworks

Steve and Kevin grilling who knows how many hamburgers! Steve get'n-er-done in the middle picture! :)
Travis kept swinging his cotton candy around and saying, "Happy Birthday!"
Kaleb was captivated by the fireworks...
This all took place last night at Pastor and Dianne Brown's house after the beginning service of the 2009 Our Time Youth Conference. Allyson and I had the privilege of hearing the preaching...and it was GREAT!


Kristin said...

i have no words for these pics because everytime I see the kids i want to cry. I miss them sooooooooooo much it hurts. Candace, i though people weren't that close to their nieces and nephews! I miss them so bad i want to sell everything and move so I can be near them.
Wow, kevin, you are making a bunch of burgers. How many did you make in all by the end of the night.
Why were you and allyson the only ones who heard the preachin, candace.

Candace said...

Travis was in the nursery, and Allyson and I dropped off Kevin and Kaleb at the Preacher's house before the service to help grill up all those burgers for the huge crowd of kids that were arriving to eat after the service was over. So, that's how just the two of us heard the preaching. :)

The kids miss you too, Aunt Kristin...they had SO much FUN playing w/you!