Friday, December 24, 2010

Here is a picture of Meradeth's teeth the morning after. Her lip swelling went down so much. You can see the it is her right tooth (your left) and it is now quite a bit lower and pushed slightly behind the other one. I think it is way to loose to ever be able to heal, but we will see. She loved going to the dentist and just had a great time with Dr. Wells. They had their own little conversation and she told him the whole story. It was so great. He said that we should keep an eye on it and let them know if it doesn't firm up or if it shows signs of infection.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Allyson's 9th Birthday

Thank you...for all the awesome gifts!
Grandaddy and Grandmother came for Allyson's birthday, and then took us here for a night and two days full of fun!
(I am posting this from where we are staying tonight, outside St. Louis.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which one?

We went yesterday with my mom to help her find a Christmas tree.
Mera was the judge, and I think there was Christmas tree overload for her.
She did settle on the one to her right.We had a great time riding the tractor
and cutting the tree, but it would of been better if Kristinah and Kristen would
of been with us. They both had to work :-(

Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazing Grace

These men are singing Amazing Grace in the Roman Colosseum. This is the location where thousands of Christians were put to death for their faith in the Lord. In Fox's Book of Martyrs it states that most of the Christians killed here were fed to lions or stoned. In the video you will see that it is lit with huge spotlights. However, during the times of Christian persecution, when it got dark, the emperor would choose many of the Christians to be nailed to crosses around the stadium and rubbed down with tar and lit on fire to light the arena.
I don't know if the men who are singing this are Christians. But as a Christian, I can't watch this video and think about what happened here and what thousands of men and women were willing to do for the Lord and not feel ashamed.

Pray for us - Update

Some of you know that about a month ago we put a bid on the property in the above picture; but then we were over-bid by another buyer, and now we have learned that their contract fell through. So, the home is back on the market...we have a second chance to put another offer on the table.
Right now, we are doing just what Kevin is doing in the picture...thinking about it and PRAYING for guidance from the Lord.
We had a tentative meeting planned w/our realtor this morning. After thinking and praying over the weekend (and thank you for your prayers!), we have decided to not put in an offer at this moment. If the property is available after New Year's, we will rethink our options.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Cook-Off :)

Kevin and I are having a contest of who can make the best Gumbo Soup. Here he is making his version this morning...I'll be making mine either tomorrow or Friday. Allyson, Kaleb, and Travis will be the judges in this that will be interesting!
I'll let you know the outcome. :)

Well, I cooked my Gumbo soup this morning for lunch. Allyson voted for me, Kaleb voted for Daddy, and Travis ate my soup faster so I got his vote. When Daddy and Mama get here on the 9th, we will blindfold them, not tell them who cooked which soup, and hear their decision!
(In the picture, Kaleb is doing his school work)