Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good thing, bad thing (DONT PANIC)

This is the bad thing. Meradeth got a hold of my red nail polish and this is what I found. I was so angry and upset, I couldn't keep the camera still. It took so long to clean this up and her legs are still stained.
It was our anniversary so we went out to eat, took a walk on the beach, then went to the hot tubs. Very nice evening.


Candace said...

Meradeth looks as if she has panicked! Haha!
This is 3 years, right? I'm so glad you guys got to go out! :)

Allyson said...

I think this is very funny...I am laughing right now! :)

grandaddy said...

What a precious little girl...she is trying hard to be just like her loving emulate her every action...if it looks good on your toe nails it will surly look just beautiful all over!!!

Katie said...

This is a scream!! I started laughing so hard when I saw this picture and I am still laughing! You better hide the scissors, tweezers and razors! Next she'll try to cut off all her hair...and her eyelashes! Remember that one, Candace?! :-)