Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby James (Part 3 Dec 15-21)

jimmy from kevin whitley on Vimeo.
Candace's Comment: After all those pit stops, Kristin, I bet you were happy to be finally in the hospital bed having James!
I love watching Silas talk!  Travis used to say "s" the same way.
Oh, we loved watching Part 2...little James' cross-eyed stare, his sweet yawn, and little sneezes.  :)
Meradeth putting the puzzle together...what a hoot!  She is Katie Junior if I ever saw one!
Part 3 ended w/two dirty diapers!  I love it!  :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

Candace's Comment: You guys kept busy! You didn't need to go out to eat w/Mama's delicious cooking available. You had great weather also. Today is our first day w/no rain or snow since Kevin's vacation...a good day to get some work done on the farm. :)
Keep the pictures coming. I want to see a good picture of Mama ringing in 2013!

Jekyll Island Weekend

Daddy, Mama, Eric, and I had such a wonderful weekend at Jekyll Island.  We ate delicious stew and meatballs made by Mama; we played Pictionary and Rummikub; we went shopping in the Historic District; and we rode bikes all over the island and had a picnic by the ocean. It was all fantastic!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wish You Were Hair

Candace's Comment: Well, the pics are posted by Katie, but I sense Daddy's humor in the title.
Hahaha  :)  Very funny, guys!  You are having a great time together, I can tell. ;)

Allyson made Ms. Barbara the chain knot blue scarf, Kaleb made her the gold and green bell necklace around her neck, and Travis decorated a flower pot w/sucker flowers. We had alot of fun eating pizza, opening presents, playing games, and eating birthday day cake. Ms. Barbara will be 80 this Sunday on the 23rd!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Comment: I made a mistake and deleted the last post; and so, your comments went w/them. Here they are again:
Katie - What a gorgeous tree...and it looks SO cozy in your living room with the hardwood floors and fireplace! My video didn't have any sound, is that right? Now that we've painted the living room and gotten rid of a ton of junk, we are actually going to be able to get a tree this year! I am so excited!
There is no sound to the video,'s a silent movie.  :)  I would LOVE to see pictures of newly re-done condo. (Candace)
Kristin - I remember Caleb went and cut a tree one year when we lived in Asheville and Mama hated it because it shed its needles so badly all over the living room floor. She made him put it right next to the front door so we could clean it everyday. Thats what is great about a tree like this....beside the fact that it is cheaper. Love the candy canes. Those are my favorite part of decorating. Now you guys need some presents! We will share a video when we put up our tree. Katie, make sure you take a video or pictures when you do yours. Mama and Daddy, you don't put on up do you?
The candy canes are every year.  Yes, the kids are eager for presents!  (Candace)
Mama - No, Kristin, no tree for us. I don't see any sense in it for two old folks and we are not going to be here for Christmas. Besides I am concerned about all of the trees cut down so everyone can have a live Christmas tree. I was very happy to see that Candace's is fake. With all of those live trees gone we will have more polluted air to breath w/an increase in global warming. I wouldn't want that on my conscience.
Well, that was an unusually droll comment, Mama (sounds as if you may have had Daddy's humorous help).  I think you two love birds are spending a little too much time locked away up in your tree house.  (Candace)