Monday, May 6, 2013

Mama made me a hat!

I was making this slouchy hat for Candace, and I realized about 3/4 of the way through that the yarn I had chosen was way too thin for this pattern and so the hat came out great, but sadly, Candace, it was just the right size for James' head so I don't think it will fit yours.


Candace said...

I do like the yarn color, Kristin.
Little sweet James is just adorable! August can't come soon enough so I can hold that little bundle of joy.

Anne said...

What a doll!! You did a great job on the hat, Kristin. Now you need to put this on that web site where you bought your pocketbook and make them to sell. Just make them for children. I think you could sell bunches of them.

grandaddy said...

James your noggin will soon be to big for that nice noggin warmer your mother made... by the time your grown you will be using it as a big toe warmer!!!