Saturday, April 20, 2013

Travis' pets

A Saanen yearling and her doe kid


Anne said...

I love your goats,Travis!! You have one of grandmother's favorite animals. I never did find out what the name of the mama is? I think you gave your baby goat the perfect name. I can't wait to drink some of your goat's milk. Here is a website I found that I thought was interesting. I love you darling.

Kristin said...

Sweet!!!!! This is awesome!!! Travis, Aunt Kristin wants to see your goats so badly. Are you going to milk the mama goat? Intesting fact: Goat meat is the number one most eaten animal meat in the world.

Candace said...

The mama's name is Vera.
Daddy is milking Vera (that is his goat), and I will milk Creamy.
Come see my goats! :)
Love, Travis

grandaddy said...

Dear Travis,
please mail me some of your CREAMY goat's milk very soon.....I will pay you next month for some CREAMY goat milk you mail to me very soon... dont forget to ship it in a very cool truck!!!
i love you Travis

Katie said...

Travis, your goats are the cutest things I have ever seen! Do they follow you around when you're outside? Do they go baaaa a lot? I hope I get to see them in person one day!