Saturday, May 11, 2013

My favorite picture!!

I don't know if this picture will show up large enough to really get the full affect...Kevin took this in the morning when he got to work the other day...It is my absolute favorite one of his nature shots so far.


Candace said...

This picture is beautiful beyond words. I would love to have this picture and the bee picture printed on canvas frame.

Anne said...

I think all of Kevin's pictures are beautiful. But I have to say the bee picture was amazing! My computer won't let me put any comments below your pictures,Kevin, or I would write something all of the time. I really enjoy looking at them. The expression on Silas's face going down the slide was so funny.

grandaddy said...

Dear Kevin,
You sure take great pictures!!!
The Lord's creation is such a wonderful subject for pictures.

The Lord's creation is such a contrast to man made stuff.....I think it would be thought provoking to have something beautiful God created in the foreground contrasted with some junky man made scene in the background.

Kevin...keep those pictures coming...they are great!!!