Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Excursion

Why can't I go on vacation?

Checked in

Outside our villa

Laying on the beach

Walking on the beach

The "historic distric" with a few shops

Stopping for a snack and soda

Relaxing by the pool

As you can see the pool is very crowded


Candace said...

What a pleasant vacation...I feel relaxed just looking at the pictures. Poor Gracie needs a vacation too...
A beautiful pool all to that's nice!

Kevin W said...

That is a huge pool. Gracie, you are so cute! How far away is this place from your house? When I look at your pictures I can almost feel the FL breeze and feel the sun.....Then I step outside my door and shiver and realize I am in CA. What a wonderful vacation! Thanks for the pictures, Katie.

Anne said...

I really like the pool. That is my kind of vacation. When is Gracie going to go on a trip?

grandaddy said...

Dear Katie & Eric,
it looks like you have the whole island to yourself!!!.....maybe the jackals scared everyone away? sure had a relaxing weekend.
i love you both,