Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things on this video:
Travis putting together his over 700 piece Lego police station; his birthday gift from Aunt Katie & Uncle Eric, Uncle Caleb, Aunt Kristin & Uncle Kevin.
At Cracker Barrel opening birthday cards.
At Hoskins Drug Store having a milkshake.
Travis dressed in his Spiderman costume; his birthday gift from Grandma.  Travis shooting his Spiderman web-shooter; his birthday gift from Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim.
Travis playing w/the paddle ball games; his birthday gift from Grandaddy and Grandmother
Travis riding his new birthday bike from Daddy and Mama.


Kristin said...

how in the world do you know how to put all those pieces of that lego set together, Travis? I have no idea! What a wonderful wonderful birthday! I so so so wish I could have been there. I would have loved to play those paddle games. And that bike was sooooo cool! Meradeth is just learning how to barely ride and you look like a pro. I sure hope you enjoy being six.

grandaddy said...

Happy Birthday Travis,
The Lord Jesus sure did bless you with a lot of wonderful birthday gifts. The next time you pray you will have to remeber to thank HIM for all the blessings HE has given to you.
I Love you Travis

Anne said...

Grandmother was so impressed with your ability to put the lego pieces together. It would have taken me that long just to read the instructions. You certainly had a wonderful birthday. I can't wait to come and see all of your presents. We'll have a race up your driveway when I come. I will run and you can ride your bike and the first one to get to the house wins.

Katie said...

Travis, I just sat here in amazement while you were building your lego police station. You are a little genius! I really like your new bike. Maybe next time I visit you I can bring my bike and we can ride together. I would also really like to play catch with you and your new paddle balls and you can teach me how you throw so good. My favorite thing was your spiderman costume!! I'm VERY glad you had such a wonderful birthday. I LOVE YOU!!

Kevin W said...

That was great fun to watch!