Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Client Payment

This is what a client brought me as a thank you for being so helpful during his case. 
Seven packs of gum and six candy bars! HAHA!


Kevin W said...

Oh my goodness!!! Just to clarify.....was this to say thank you or was it an attempt to cover a bill? Either way I think you came out ahead. :) This is too funny, Katie. I can only imagine some of the stories and types of people you deal with and have had to deal with over the years. -Kristin

Anne said...

How did the client come up w/these things? Let us know if this was really a thank you or the client was not happy w/the services.

Candace said...

Hey, it's's gotta be good services!

grandaddy said...

Dear Katie,
This looks like some good eating ... The defendant wasnt charged for shoplifting was he?....if so this maybe HOTchocolate!!!