Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday at Back Bay Refuge in VA

Daddy is enjoying our new umbrella.

I wear my Costco hat everywhere. After this one family near us you can walk for 9 miles and come to the NC border. There are no homes or roads for the whole 9 miles. We have the beaches to ourselves. No radios here, just peace and quiet. The water was warm and clean. Daddy and I hope to go here a lot.


Candace said...

Looks like a beautiful place...and private and clean, like you said.
I wear my TN hat everywhere. :)
You look like the definition of relaxation, Daddy!
Did you get in the water?

Kristin said...

I have been here haven't I? You guys should take one car to the end of the beach you say it goes into NC and then drive to where you were in the pictures and walk the whole way. I hope your phone gets reception. I would be worried that something would happen and I couldn't get help out.

Is that a Dr. Pepper, Daddy?

Katie said...

Daddy & Mama, you both are so cute in your hats! I think this beach looks wonderful and just the kind of place I would enjoy going also. I bet you will miss going there this weekend with the hurricane and all. Did you do any boogie boarding, Mama? Hahaha!!