Sunday, August 28, 2011

This and That

Kaleb and Daddy built a rabbit cage together.  That is where Kaleb's new white Lionhead rabbit, who's name is Sheefu, lives now.  We went swimming on Friday at Big Ridge.  The kids riding Honey Dew...Kaleb pretends he's a cowboy shooting the bad buy.   Honey Dew's new stall, that Kevin built for me...complete w/a hay feeder in the back of the stall. (click on collage to enlarge)


Anne said...

That sure is a fluffy rabbit,Kaleb. I can't wait to see everybody soon.

Kristin said...

I wouldn't have guessed that was a rabbit. It looks like a big fluffy pillow with a red button on it. What fun all these pictures look!!! I love the stall and honey dew is such a beautiful horse. Can't wait to ride it. Has daddy or mama ridden it yet?

Katie said...

I love the rabbit! And that stall is amazing! You would not want to see a stall that I would be some poles stuck in the ground with a tarp slung over it. :)
Can't wait to see some pics of Grandmother riding Honey Dew! Hahaha!!

grandaddy said...

Dear Kevin,
Looks like the Lazy K ranch is becoming a reality. I'm sure honey dew will love his new home. Cant wait to see you all in next week!!!