Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jekyll Island

We went to Jekyll Island this weekend. We swam in the ocean, played in the pool, went to the Sea Turtle Hospital (very, very fun!!), and rented bicycles and rode about ten miles all over the island. I just cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we had!!

This FIRST picture is right when you drive onto the island.
The SECOND picture is resort where we stayed.
The THIRD picture is the bottom floor of our condo.
The FOURTH picture is us at a place called Driftwood Beach just a short walk up the beach from where we stayed.


Kevin W said...

Sounds like fun. So did you fix some turtles up and put them back in the wild?

Anne said...

What a beautiful place. And what also is so great is that it is not far to drive from home. Daddy and I loved walking on the beach. We liked it so much that yesterday we bought at Costco some beach chairs that you put on your back like a backpack and it also comes with 2 big compartments and one is a cooler. It takes us about an hour to drive to Sandbridge so we plan on doing some hiking on the beach this fall and winter. I bet you guys will be going back here soon. The condo is lovely. I would have enjoyed swimming in the pool at night.

Candace said...

So, Daddy, Mama, and you guys all went to the beach this weekend.
Looks like Jekyll Island has a big waterpark too. A bit of history...this island was once the exclusive playground of the very rich at the turn of the century and was converted to a state park in 1947. Magnificent winter homes of Rockefeller, Morgan, Aster, Pulitzer, Vanderbilt, Macy and Goodyear are open to the public on Jekyll Island. Did you see any of these? Can you ride horses on the beach?

Kristin said...

Katie, this looks fantastic!!!!! I am so glad that you guys could spned whole weekend together. What a beautiful condo. Seems like I have been here but I dont see how I could have been.

grandaddy said...

Some people have all the all sure are taking advantage of the facilities...i bet you & Eric could get use to living there real quick?