Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scallop Potato Recipe

Measure 2 cups of heavy cream and put in the cream one 5.2oz boursin cheese(garlic and fine herbs) and put in the microwave and heat until cheese is almost completely melted. Scrub and cut in 1/4" slices 3lbs. of red potatoes. Butter a 13X9" pan and line bottom w/1/2 of potato slices and then salt and pepper potatoes. Pour 1/2 of the heavy cream mixture on top. Then do the same with the remainder of the potatoes. Bake at 400 degrees for one hour. DELICIOUS and easy.


Candace said...

I have heard from many people that this is DEEElicious. Now that it's on the blog so handy, I will be making it this week.
I could eat nothing but potatoes and be satisfied...I could easily be a vegetarian.

Kevin W said...

I love potatoes made this way..

Candace said...

This dish is absolutely incredibly amazing!
I made it today. Kevin and I forgot about the main course of our meal and devoured the scallop potatoes instead. :) The kids LOVED it too!

Anne said...

It is great to have a dish that is sooo goood and soooo easy also. My kind of cooking.