Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Katie's Delicious Potato Dish

Katie invented this dish many years ago so that is why I named it Katie's Dish. Very, very good and easy and goes well with anything. First you cut potatoes in bite size pieces. I have used russets or red potatoes and both are good. Then you slice an onion so you have long strips of onion not chopped. Better flavor I think. For the amount I made I added one stick of butter. Salt and pepper and put in the microwave for about 16 minutes. Take out and stir and cook more if needed. When potatoes are done add shredded cheddar cheese and microwave a minute or two. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD just ask daddy when he had it for supper tonight.


Katie said...

Mama, you are so sweet to make my dish and post the picture for me!

I must say, your version of the dish sure looks a lot better than when I make it. Everything just always looks better when it comes from your kitchen! Sure wish I were there to enjoy it! :)

Candace said...

It's good to see a recipe from Katie...even if Mama posted it :)
You have made this for me when I was visit you,'s yummy.

We're eager to see what comes out of Katie's kitchen next!

Kristin said...

Oh this is what you were talking about mama. yes, I remember katie making this when I was young! And then I started making it. I have made this many times with everyone loving it.

jcbent said...

Ma gave me some of this today after church and it was deeelicious!

grandaddy said...

My sweet dear wife is a gourmet cooking machine. this meal was meal number 39,285!!!! and they continue to get better and better just like her!!!
this potato/onion/cheese dish is cooked to perfection. the juicy bits of the onion tie the chewy texture of the cheese together with the firm hearty chucks of red potato and all burst into a taste buds delight inside your mouth. thanks Katie for inventing this dish, we sure enjoy it!!!