Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Cook-Off :)

Kevin and I are having a contest of who can make the best Gumbo Soup. Here he is making his version this morning...I'll be making mine either tomorrow or Friday. Allyson, Kaleb, and Travis will be the judges in this that will be interesting!
I'll let you know the outcome. :)

Well, I cooked my Gumbo soup this morning for lunch. Allyson voted for me, Kaleb voted for Daddy, and Travis ate my soup faster so I got his vote. When Daddy and Mama get here on the 9th, we will blindfold them, not tell them who cooked which soup, and hear their decision!
(In the picture, Kaleb is doing his school work)


Anne said...

Save some of each one for when daddy and I come so we can judge also. That will be fun.

Katie said...

Oh this sounds really fun! Can't wait to see who wins. Wish I could actually taste some of it!

Kristin said...

I predict that Kevin will win because subconsciously the kids fear him more than they do Candace, so they are more eager to please him. Kids are terrible when it comes to being judges because they always cloud their judgment with outside feelings.

So the moral is....You will have to buy me a ticket out there and let me eat it if you want an honestly unbiased opinion.

Candace said...

I will reserve a bowl of each for you and Daddy, Mama. :)
And I wish I could get some to Katie and Kristin!
I liked you predictions, Kristin. haha

Kevin H said...

Uh. . . .the winner of this thing is a no-brainer. . . .Candace is an extraordinary culinary artist. . . .and I can boil hot dogs. . . .I predict that this is not even a contest!!! :)

grandaddy said...

Kristin, yea their almost as bad as adults arent they!

Katie, I'll get them to freeze you acouple of bowls for your next visit.....when was the date again???

Candace, I think you have Kevin sounds like he is back peddling

Kevin, hang in there, your representing all of us men....youve got to win....of course this wont affect my vote one bit!!!