Monday, December 13, 2010

Allyson's 9th Birthday

Thank you...for all the awesome gifts!
Grandaddy and Grandmother came for Allyson's birthday, and then took us here for a night and two days full of fun!
(I am posting this from where we are staying tonight, outside St. Louis.)


Katie said...

Myyyy goodness this looks like fun! Eric would have absolutely loved that wavey area where Allyson is using the board!!! I am so glad you all so much fun on your adventure trip. Maybe next time we can all go together!

One more thing...that dress looks GIGANTIC!!! Did it even fit her?

Candace said...

It fit her PERFECTLY! It was as if someone measured her before making the dress...and made it to wear now and for some time ahead also. :)
She wore it Sunday to church.

Yes, it would have been fun to see Eric and KevinW standing up on the surf board.

Kevin W said...

Wow! What a great time it looks like you had. I would love to go to one of those water parks.

Kristin said...

Loved looking at the pictures. I was wishing the whole time that i could have been there. Next time we come to TN, we ARE GOING to that water park. Meradeth would go crazy.

Anne said...

I wish you girls could have seen Allyson in her new dress. It fit perfectly and she looked beautiful in it.

grandaddy said...

We had a great time with the knuckle head club....they made me honorary knuckle head club president for the was a great honor and extinguished priviledge!!!