Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thanks everyone

Kristin and Silas thanks all of you that made our time so special in TN. Thanks to Uncle Kevin for providing the money to have so many wonderful meals and McDonald's mochas. Thanks to grandmother and granddaddy who provided fun and entertainment and held Silas and loved on him. Thanks to Uncle Caleb, Ally, Kaleb and Travis who provided laughs and good times. Thanks to Aunt Katie and Uncle Eric for providing transportation and spending time with and money on Silas and I and being so kind and generous the whole time we were there. Thank you Aunt Candace for being the perfect hostess and not caring the we wrecked the house.


Candace said...

Hey! I provided the frappe mochas...haha!
Your welcome back anytime!

grandaddy said...

Dear Silas,
your to much.....words just cant describe you....i cant think of anything but laughter when i look at you....your have topped the charts when it comes to motivating laughability (if there is such a word)

Katie said...

Oh he is SO cute! I wish you lived closer, Kristin, so I could bite those little cheeks every day!