Saturday, April 10, 2010

Allyson and Kaleb

Kevin took this picture w/his cell phone as they were finishing up street preaching this morning. Pastor Ray, our preacher, can be seen walking up ahead. Kevin and the kids came back home excited and had great time! :)


Kristin said...

Well, I certainly have admiration for you guys. I am too much of a sissy to do this. Looks like you had a lot of fun and spread the gospel at the same time.

Anne said...

I am so thankful that you have such a tremendous church that allows the kids to be a part of so many events. They say verses at the services, sing songs, help w/the street preaching and have such a great support group for homeschoolers. Tell them that daddy and 3 other men used to go to downtown Newport News back in the '70s and street preach and sing.

Anne said...

Dear Allyson & Kaleb,
You all are my heroes, you all are so courageous for the Lord Jesus!!! I am so proud of you all. You better thank your Daddy a 1,000times for taking you street preaching.

I need a comment back from each of you on this one.
1.what did it feel like when everyone drove by and looked at your Bible verse?
2. did you get to do any preaching?
3. were you afraid?
4. do you think you now know how Jonah felt when preached on the streets of Nineveh?
5. do you think you now know how Paul felt when he preached on the streets of Athens?
6. did anybody passing by wave at you?
7. did anybody passing by yell at you?

I am counting the minutes until I get your answers

Anne said...

the above comment is from Grandaddy

Lula said...

I don't go myself, (a bit of a chicken, too) but am so proud of the others that are able to! Our son Noah street preaches each week with such boldness...I can see Kaleb doing this very soon! Get some verses memorized, Kaleb!

Allyson, you have such WONDERFUL grandparents that are so encouraging in the Lord!! Not all people have fact it is very rare in my opinion.

Allyson said...

1) I felt very very excited!
2) Girls are not allowed to preach.
3) No, I smiled at everyone that passed by.
4) Yeah!
5) Yes!
6) Yes, a bunch of people piled into a convertable waved at me.
7) One lady said she was religious and that we kids should be at the park playing! haha

grandaddy said...

OK Kaleb what are you answers????

Dear Allyson thank you for all those great answers.....about number 2. i cant fool you can I? pick right up on that trick for thought>>>when girls tell others about the Lord Jesus we just call it "testifying" or "witnessing" we leave the yell'n and screaming to the boys & men because girls are a little to dainty for that kind stuff. But always remember their have been plenty of girls grow up to be missionaries that the Lord Jesus uses to win many people even though they they didnt "preach" and werent Pastors of course....HE used their dainty soft feminine voices to deliver HIS word that pierced through sinful hearts.....remember the Lord used a dockey to speak to a rotten prophet one time!!!

Katie said...

I am so proud of you, Ally and Kaleb! What a joy it is to have a niece and nephew who have such a desire to serve the Lord at such a young age. Did you take your pink Bible with you, Ally? Did any passer-bys talks to you? I would like to see the answers to the questions that Grandaddy asked you!

Candace said...

Kaleb said the following:

1) I felt happy.
2) No...I felt shy and scared w/everybody looking at me.
3) I was.
4) Bad...cause God told him to go to Nineveh, and he didn't want to.
6) No
7) I heard somebody from a car yell, "Amen!"

grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb,
Thank you for your great honest answers to my questions. I think the more you go street preaching the less afraid you will be because the Lord is going to give you spiritual strength to overcome your fear....i always enjoy hearing you have such good messages!!!!...I cant wait to hear you when we come to see you in May!!!!