Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Here are some more pics . I couldn't leave Mera out , she is having such a good time with Silas.
Tonight we had Silas in bed with her to say good night, and I said I love you too Mera and she says I love you too, and then looks at Silas and says I love you too Silas, then proceeds to kiss him on the head. It was sooo cute! :-)


Anne said...

Lots of great pictures. Silas looks like he is about to outgrow his bathtub already.

Candace said...

Adorable story, Kristin!
In the top middle picture, Silas looks exactly like you when you sleep.
Looks as if he likes the pacifier.
While Meradeth was walking w/the umbrella did she sing "Singing in the Rain" like her mother would? haha :)

Kristin said...

That was about the second time he used it (pacifier) and then we lost it. So now he doesn't use anything. We will see if he likes it like Mera. She LOVES umbrellas!

Katie said...

What sweet pictures. Mera looks like she's going to be a drama queen like her mother. Silas is so cute, and yes I agree with Candace about looking like you when you sleep in that one picture.