Friday, January 22, 2010

At the Clark's

After stopping by Mrs. Barbara's house and picking her up, we headed over to Jean Clark's house for lunch and a play date w/her son Ben and my three little monkeys.
As you can see they had fun running and playing!

Jean cooked us adults Cabbage Soup, which was absolutely delicious...I got the recipe.
Dessert was yummy moist lemon cupcakes w/whipped topping...and then Ben decorated the top of each one w/a blueberry. :)

We had a great time and can't wait to have them over to our house for the next play date!


Anne said...

How wonderful that you get to spend time with Barbara. When I look at the pictures, I think of all of the fun times you kids had at that age with Denton and Barbara.

Katie said...

Oh Barbara looks so sweet!! She hardly looks any different at all since the last time I saw her! That is so nice that you all live close together and can do things with each other now.

That's so nice that you have already made friends at your new church that the kids can play with and you can do things together.

Lula said...

I would have been seated at the children's table with the nuggets!!


Candace said...'re so funny, Lula! The blueberries were a big hit w/the kids too! :)