Saturday, August 8, 2009

The best Father a boy could have


grandaddy said...

My Dad was so great in so many ways it is difficult to list all of them. He was such a faithful Father and considering he had no fatherly example as a boy it was really amazing....when something is that amazing, then its got to be because of the Lord Jesus!!!

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the wonderful Father you blessed me with....his life pointed me toward YOU.

Candace said...

Wonderful memories...oh, they have just been flooding my mind all day! I loved Grandaddy's amazing, special love he had for little children.
I can't wait to see my cherished Grandaddy again in Heaven!
Job 1:21

Kristin said...

I have been thinking about granddaddy constantly for the last two days. Its amazing what a huge part one person can have in so many peoples' lives. Granddaddy had such a full rewarding life. Daddy, your comment made be cry like a baby. Thats just what I think about you.

Katie said...

I have pretty much been crying for two days now, and seeing this picture and reading your comment, Daddy, just made me cry even more. But now I'm just goin to think about Grandaddy up in Heaven all happy and how I'll get to see him again one day.