Friday, August 7, 2009

fishing trip

I went rock cod fishing with some guys from work and got some good fish to eat for us this week. The pics show order of things. Catch the fish, clean them and the pelicans get the scraps.
We all caught our limit of 10 fish.


Candace said...

Wow, those are some ugly fish! That protruding eye ball is disgusting! LOL!
The picture of pelicans reminds the kids and I of Finding Nemo.
I'm definitely more of a salt water fish favorite being halibut.
You guys are fortunate to live close to the ocean...enjoy the fish! :)

Anne said...

Boy, I have to agree w/Candace. That is one ugggggglllllly fish. Does the eyeball normally look like that. The pelican is so cute. They don't look real with that bill. Is the fish good to eat?

grandaddy said...

I always said the uglier the catch the better it will flounder,,,lobster,,,,crabs...

you'll have to give us a report on how you fixed it and how it tasted

Katie said...

Well everyone has already covered all the questions I would ask!! That trip looks like it was a blast tho! How many fish did you take home?

Kevin W said...

The eyes of the fish pop out when you real them up from close to 200 feet of water,so they get the bends. Basically they start to decompress like when a deep sea diver comes up too fast.
One night I prepared the fish with egg and bread crumbs fried in some olive oil and one night just seasoned and cooked in olive oil then put the fish in tortillas like a taco.
The limit of fish you could catch was 10.