Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hanna's at the Rodeo

The above collage is Kaleb and Leah, the preacher's daughter, in the Cowboy Pick-up event...I numbered the pics in chronological order. Hang on, Kaleb! :)
Here we are watching the thrilling bull riding event! Allyson w/her Crusader's Club singing a special in the Sunday evening service.

I posted on the left side of the blog under "noteworthy websites" a link to the website of our church.
I'll be posting photos soon of Travis' birthday.


Kristin said...

I cannot believe these pictures. Kaleb, you are sooooo brave!!! I would have loved to see this in person. I hope mama got it on recording. What a big brave boy. I think it is so crazy that ally and kaleb can stand right next to the railing when there is bulls in the ring. So much fun....

Katie said...

These pictures are GREAT! Kaleb is a nut! I can't believe he was brave enough to do this, cuz I definitely wouldn't have been. Did Ally wanna try it? Ally looks so sweet singing with her Crusaders Club. Where's Travis?

Candace said...

Allyson wanted to be in the chicken chase or mutton bustin, but it never worked out that she could. Travis is standing up on the fence next to Allyson watching the bull riding.
I would like to have recorded Kaleb's ride but can't take pics and record at the same time... :)
After the rodeo was over, my good friend Cherri Helterbran let me ride one of her horses in the big rodeo rink. The kids couldn't believe their eyes...seeing their mama galloping around on a horse! Haha! Yeah, I could KICK myself for not getting Kevin to take a pic of me!

Anne said...

I have looked and looked at these pictures since we have been home and have forgotten to put up a comment. Daddy and I were talking about how excited Kaleb must have been after his ride. He was holding on for dear life and I don't blame him. I can hear him now talking about it and not being able to get the words out fast enough. It looks like a fun day.

grandaddy said...

Dear Kaleb,
what a brave boy you are!!!
When i was you age i was scared to death of horses. i was also afraid to pick up bugs and snakes....but i grew out it when i was about 7 or 8.....i love you

Dear Allyson,
your cowgirl outfit looks so sweet.
i wish i could have been there to hear you sing.....i love you