Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bye bye, van!

Today, Bro. Myron drove up to our house in a big truck w/a big flat bed trailer to haul away our very sick van down to his shop.
After sitting for almost three months, the van wheels were shut tight and wouldn't turn...the tires just scooted across the gravel when Kevin hooked on the chain and pulled.

Time to use some good ol' elbow grease. After Bro. Myron raised the van and hit the tires w/a hammer, both men put their muscles into pushing the tire to get it to turn! ...and finally it DID! WD-40 would have helped a lot on this job; however, when Kevin went into the garage to get it, the can was nearly empty. Kaleb then informed us that Travis had sprayed it all over their little red wagon a couple of days ago.

Both men used their muscles again to get the van up onto the trailer by using this crank/pulley thing(I have no idea what the proper name for it is.)

There goes our van! Lord willing, one of these days, we will get to drive it again! :)
Thank you, Bro. and Saundra are such a blessing to our family!


Anne said...

I know you were glad to see the van go and on the way to get fixed. Keep us all informed on its progress.

photozmom said...

Hopefully it won't take too long... I KNOW you will be glad to have it back !!!

Kevin W said...

Do you know what is wrong with the van yet?
I think they used a (come along) as the tool to pull the van up the trailer.
I hope it gets repaired quickly .

Kristin said...

Its nice to know Christians who actually put into practice one of the greatest commandments of Jesus which is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Candace said...

Well, Kevin knew it was something in the engine broken. Bro. Myron, the expert mechanic, mentioned a couple of other things that where wrong as well. It's in Bro. Myron's mechanics shop, it's in a better place. :)