Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Wonderful Visit with Susan and Joey

Eating supper in Mormor's private dining room.
There they go; Joey and Caleb are in the lead.
Hurry, Susan. She did, and she came back first.
Wow, do you see what I see???
Fun together at Caleb's pool.


Candace said...

That dining room is exquisite!
I would have liked to seen the boat race...haha! :)
Real three doing the signiture pointing move. I bet that was Daddy's idea!
Caleb sure does live in a nice place...what a cushy life!

Katie said...

It's crazy how all these pictures were taken at everyone's'd think you all were at some luxurious resort with the fancy dining room, activites such as kayaking on a beautiful scenic river, and lounging by a riverside pool!!!

Kristin said...

What a great thing to get a look into Aunt Susan and Joey's trip there. Looks like fun!! Did anyone go swimming at Caleb's condo or did you just sit by the pool. Why didn't you and daddy go out on the other canoe? Joey is getting so old looking. Great pictures.

Kevin W said...

looks like everyone is having a good time