Sunday, July 26, 2009

Car show

We went to a car show yesterday in arroyo Grande,about 15 min from us.
We got there kind of late so not as many cars left, but still had a great time.
The car in the middle of the piscs is what kristinah wants to have as our next car. It's a 1964 Volkswagen 21 window van. I wish I would of taken some more pics of it to see the windows,they go all the way around. Mera had a great time as always. She got to sit it a fire truck and a police car, and kristinah and kristen got to check out the swat truck. It was a nice day.


Anne said...

Looks like a fun day until Kristen arrested the two of you. How could anyone arrest a doll as sweeeet and innocent as Meradeth?

Kristin said...

Eric, there was a swat team guy here who reminded me so much of you because he was so exciting and interesting to listen too. He was explaining all of the stuff that a swat member had to carry. One of the things he explained were these headphones that allow you to hear any noise, however, they stifle any loud noises like nearby gun shots or bombs. Have you seen those, Eric?

Candace said...

Wish I could have gone w/ya...uncommon for most females, I like looking at cars.
I agree w/Kristin...the Volkswagen van would be a cool car to have!
Is that an ambulance in the bottom right pic? Kaleb proudly tells everyone that he has ridden in one of those...and then Kevin and I cringe and ask him, "Yeah, how was that $900 dollar ride?"

You guys do the funnest things! :)

Katie said...

Looks like another fun day at the Whitley compound!! I agree with guys do the most unique activities. Meradeth looks so adorable sitting up there in that truck! Can't wait to see her in less then two months!! :-)

Eric said...

I think one of the guys on our team tried those out a while back. If it's what I'm thinking of, they operate on batteries and kick in at a certain decibel level. They are cool, but the issue with us was the style of helmet we wear (the MICH helmet). It's a ballistic helmet that the military uses and it doesn't fit the best over the electronic head phones. When I see you again, I'll show you what we use.