Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cuties :) ...and a cold ride?

My little Christmas Cuties...all snug as a bug in their PJs. :) They looked so merry and lovable last night! ...I posed our little angels in front of the Christmas tree for a picture. Luke 2:11

On the way to church, we always pass many Amish buggies. This morning it was -4...w/a wind chill factor of -29(that's what it REALLY feels like outside in the wind). The Amish have battery powered lights on their then they probably have battery powered heat inside there too...however, I couldn't help but think, when I saw this family in their buggy, that it must be a cold ride for them this Sunday morning.


Anne said...

The kids have alot of presents to open and look so sweet. In weather like this, I am glad that we have cars w/heaters and indoor plumbing.

Jay and Jo and Ryan said...

Hi Candace,
I enjoyed the pictures from the play. :) That is great picture of your kids by the tree!
Love, Jo