Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some...of us

This is the beginning scene of the play. As you will notice, Allyson really got into it w/her facial expressions...she inherited her acting talents from her Aunt Katie and Aunt Kristin.

Here I am in my costume...standing on a chair. Kevin is close by to steady me and pass cameras to take pictures of some cast members.

This picture was taken during a live performance. Kevin is playing "Ezra", a friend of Joseph. He and two other men stand up against the Roman soldiers to defend Joseph.
Here I am looking on at the scene in fright and disbelief. I need to take acting lessons from Allyson.
These are just very few of the MANY pictures that Saundra took of the Christmas play. You can see many more at her website: http://www.grandmahoffert.smugmug.com/


Candace said...

I don't know yet the actual count of the number of people that attended or got saved this year at the Christmas play, Mama.
They had to turn people away for first two Saturday showings because of no more seats left.

And, Kristin, you can buy a DVD of the play this year...$15 for one or two for $25.

Anne said...

That is wonderful that so many people came. Everyone looks so professional. I would have loved to see the play. We all have to admit that no one can top Kristin for acting abilities in our family but I think Allyson definitely has all of Kristin's talents for acting.

photozmom said...

Candace, I Wrote it down when they announced it Sunday night. (So sorry you had to leave and THANKS for the text letting me know you got home) There were 2800 with out the 150 cast and crew. and 589 were saved. Praise the Lord !!!!

photozmom said...

Me again!
Thanks Kristin for the comments on smugmug! I get such enjoyment out of the comments that people leave. I know I am doing what I intend too with my website and blog.Helping people to be a part of the activities they otherwise wouldn't be able to. I'm glad you enjoy them.
Saundra AKA, Nana