Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday 21st @ 5:20pm

This evening, we were heading out of our driveway...turned right onto the country gravel road that runs in front of our house. This is what met us! ...snow over a foot deep!
Where the flattened down looking snow stops, in between the tire tracks, is where our car sat unmovable! Before long a big 4-wheel drive truck came up the hill heading toward us and tried to pass...he started spinning in the snow too at the top of the hill. He backed down the gravel road and got back on the main road. Meanwhile, Kevin tried shoveling around the front tires(because the car is front wheel drive) and putting it in reverse...the tires just spun and wouldn't budge. The frame of the car was sitting on the snow, and the tires were not touching the ground. Then Kevin trudged up to the house to get the pickup and chains to pull the car keep in mind, this is in weather that feels like -29 degrees! BUT THEN, God sent us an angel of help! ...remember the man who had to back up down the hill in his truck?...he showed back up! ...he had left and driven on other roads all the way around us! He backed up to the rear of our car...Kevin hooked his chain on the guy's truck, and we were soon back in our home, safe and sound. :) Praise the Lord for sweet, helpful people....MERRY CHRISTMAS!
(when we walked back into the house, it was 6:20pm...we had been gone for exactly an hour...and didn't get very far! LOL!)


photozmom said...

SO glad you are safe at home. We did miss you,because I knew you had planned to come back tonight. drink an extra cup of hot chocolate,Kevin !! Praise the Lord even in trouble, God sends his angels !!!

Anne said...

God shows His love to us in so many ways. That he knows our every need, each and everyone of us. That he not only knows, but cares for us. That he never leaves us nor forsakes us. What a sad life for people who are not Christians.

Coffee Bean said...

That sounds like an exciting night...we missed you at church, but glad you made it back home safely!

Kristin said...

Oh, candace, this is awful. Isn't it wonderful to have a great husband that you can count on to do all the hard work. And isn't it more wonderful to have a great Savior Who will never leave us or forsake us.
I am so glad your story had a happy ending.