Thursday, June 4, 2015


James Bentley said...

Dear Allyson,
You are soooo sweet, I'm proud of you and all the hard work you do!!!
Thank you for sending us the movie of your scrap book ... I'm positive that
is the best one they've ever had!!! It must have spent hours and hours putting
it together. Were you a little scared playing in front of a crowd?
Grandaddy loves Allyson

Anne said...

Great job on playing so beautifully, Allyson. You have so many projects going on at one time I don't see how you keep it all straight. Granddaddy and I were so impressed with your 4H scrapbook. It must have taken hours to put it together. Are you going to take it easy now the rest of your summer vacation. You are going to Aunt Katie's and Uncle Eric's soon. I bet you kids will be in their beautiful pool from early morning until evening. I hope your mama gets in that water some. Please take pictures of your trip and fix a slid show of the trip to put on the blog with music and words telling us about each picture.

Kevin W said...

I wanted to see more of the banquet stuff. I am hoping to be at the next one. The scrapbook was amazing! The baseball camp was wonderful that Travis went too. It is sooo much fun to watch Travis is action. -Kristin

Katie said...

You look so beautiful up there playing your guitar, Allyson. Uncle Eric and I are hoping you are planning to bring it with you so you can put on a little concert for us. That scrapbook was phenomenal! I know who to call if I ever need one of those put together. We are so proud of what a sweet, precious young lady you are.

And Travis, you are just too cute for words. I'd definitely love to see you in action! You look like a pro out there! Plan on getting those cheeks nibbled on a bunch when you get here this weekend!