Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Reds!

Thank you, Aunt Kristin, for the media coverage!


Kevin W said...

He scored pretty much all of the points his team got that game. I love the way he puts everything he's got into playing this game. He is giving 100% and its wonderful--good example for other kids and adults.

Aunt Kristin

Katie said...

Travis, you look amazing out there on the field! You are obviously the star player on your team! You should have your picture on a baseball card!

Anne said...

Great batting, Travis!! You were very wise to stop on third base. What position do you play in the outfield.

James Bentley said...

Dear Travis,
It is so much fun to watch you play. We sure wish we could be there to watch all of our sweet grandkids as you all grow up!... please try to slow down growing up until we move down!!!