Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trip Part 2

Trip2 from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Anne said...

It is so enjoyable for me to watch these videos. Was the water in the creek very cold, Silas? What was the most exciting thing that happened to you on the train ride, Meradeth? From the way Meradeth looked it was cold first thing in the morning. It sure is nice of you all to let us enjoy your trip also. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

grandaddy said...

Dear Silas,
did you see any BEARS!!!!!
did you see any Mt Loins???
did you see any Mt Goats???

dont forget....grandaddy loves you

Kevin W said...

Dear Grandaddy,
Yeaaaa!! Uhhh, I mean no...I mean yea....Noo no no no nonono.
Uhhhhhmmmmm(Mera says,"We saw a sign with a picture of one) Silas, "Yeaaaaa, we doooo, Mama"
No...NO, Mama, Me dont see mountain goats..

Kevin W said...

Dear Grandmother,
Well, On our first stop for strethcing our legs, there was a little boy with a camera..and he saw a big giant pinecone..and the train had a refill with hot water.

Dear Grandmother,
Yea...I mean no...Uhhh it is....There was no more sharks in it anymore and lobters and orcaaaa and jellyfish live in the dreeks...daaaahaaaaahahahah.

Candace said...

Do you have binoculars, Meradeth? If you bring'm to Tennessee, Travis sure would like to look through'm.
Was the train loud, Silas? :)
I hope this isn't the last video...

Katie said...

Your videos are fantastic, Kristin! I REALLY enjoyed watching them. It's just impossible to beat the scenery out there - it's just amazing! I would love to take a trip out West with Eric because he has never seen snow or big mountains or anything like that. The kids were adorable as always. :-)