Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trip Part 1

trip from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Anne said...

I felt just like I took the trip with you guys. Unbelievable scenery!!! Meradeth,how did you like drinking the water from the water fall? Can't wait for part 2.

grandaddy said...

Dear Silas,
what was the most beautiful thing you saw on your trip?
What was the scary'st thing?
What was loudest thing you heard?

grandaddy loves you Silas

Kevin W said...

Dear Grandaddy,
A Waterfaaaa
A ghost...(mama, "you didn't see a ghost." and I asked the question again) Ohhh.....A Jellyfish
Polly want a cracker (Mama, "noooooo!" and I asked the question again) A bell on the tain

I love you, Grandaddy

Meradeth said she wanted to answer the questions too.

The waterfall
A Shark
The Movie at the aquarium

Candace said...

Nice log cabins in that old town!
Was that a jail you were in, Meradeth?
I like your tongue pretending to drink the waterfall!
I have seen the El Capitan in movies before.
Did you eat any of the bread pudding at the restaurant? I have always wanted to try some.