Thursday, January 24, 2013

Union County 4-H Speech Competition

Tuesday, Allyson competed w/all the 5th graders in the 4-H countywide speech competition, will have to watch the video to see how great she did! The last picture is the homeschoolers in 4-H...who, by the way, won most of the first place speeches. :)


Anne said...

Allyson, Grandmother was so nervous listening to the video and when they announced your name for first place Grandaddy and I clapped and cheared just as if we were there. Congratulations!!! I hope I get to listen to one of your speeches someday.

grandaddy said...

My dear sweet Allyson, your smiling face brightens the whole room!!! you have a winners attitude and winners do stay so humble? ...i LOVE you

Kevin W said...

I don't know what is wrong with me!!!! Seriously, everytime I watch one of your videos, Candace, of the kids, I get all choked up!! Allyson, my heart just swelled up when I saw you. You are such an amazing girl. I hope Meradeth grows up to be just like you.

Candace, where is the video of her doing the speech! Was it the same one she did for us?


Katie said...

Kristin, I do the SAME thing! I was almost crying the entire time just watching Allyson's sweet little precious face! I was just about screaming when they announced you won, Allyson! I am SO proud of you!!