Sunday, January 20, 2013

Silas' Birthday

Silas third Birthday from kevin whitley on Vimeo.

Thank you, Grandmother and Granddaddy, for the new Mobigo game. Thank you for the Tiger, Aunt Katie and Uncle Eric. Thank you, Aunt Candace and Uncle Kevin, for the Memory Game (I love Cars!). Thank you, Meme, for the new bike helmet. Thank you, Sissy, for the hungry Hippo Game. Thank you, Mera, for the bubbles.

What a fun party and such an elegant cake and wonderful presents!  Sure wish I was there.  ---cmh


Anne said...

Sweet Silas, You sure had a great birthday party. I really like your hat. Did Meradeth make that for you? And your cake looked so yummy. Will you send grandaddy and I a piece? I love you.

grandaddy said...

Dear Silas,
You are so sweet and kind, grandaddy is so proud of you. You are a big boy now that you are 3 years old!!! You sure did have a great birthday party, i wish i could have been there!!!!

Katie said...

That cake looks delicious!! Eric wants to know if it's an ice cream cake? That hat reminds me of the birthday party we had with Denton and Barbara and everyone wore hats. That Memory game is one of my favorites - I still like playing that now! :)