Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our Food Project

plant from kevin whitley on Vimeo.

Singing Meradeth:
I have watched that opera before; Meradeth, you sound amazing!  Did you do any warm-up exercises first?  (Candace)
Plant Food Project:
That is such a neat idea and looks so cute!  I will definitely try this w/the kids...maybe do it w/a playdate w/their friends.  (Candace)


Anne said...

I think that I am a little dense understanding the ingredients. It looks like cake on the bottom with icecream on top and chopped up oreos for the dirt. Is the long thing a straw and is that a real flower? Very pretty when it is done and looks like a lot of fun to make. You did a good job Meradeth and Silas.

grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Silas,
I wish i could eat a piece of your flower looks so yummy that it would tickle your tummy!
You are a very smart boy!!!
i love Silas,

Katie said...

That looks like SO much fun to make! And eat! You could tell they had a blast making it. I think Eric would enjoy doing this project as well. HAHAHA!!

Kevin W said...

Yes, Mama...You cut out a piece of pound cake to fit in the bottom of the planter. Then you stick a straw in it and fill it in with softened ice cream to about an inch from the top. Then you cut the straw off to the top of the ice cream, freeze it back up and then put the oreos in. The flower is real and that you put into the straw. Then add gummy worms for decoration. I saw this on The pioneer women on the food network channel. She has a blog also online and her recipes are outstanding. -Kristin