Wednesday, January 9, 2013

outdoor efficient wood furnace - heats our home and water
Thank you for telling me how good I did on the poster!  I tried very hard to make it look nice.
Aunt Katie, I made the poster for the January 4-H poster contest.  Many other kids made some too.  (Allyson)
There are pipes that go under the house from the furnace.  And that is all I know, Kristin.  Hahaha!
We have had a little snow twice this winter.  Nothing that sticks or last very long yet.  (Candace)


Anne said...

Allyson, your poster is terrific!! You did a great job in coloring, lettering and your saying.

Kevin W said...

Did your mama help you with this, Allyson. If not, then you definitely took after her. I LOVE IT. I am hoping to get Meradeth involved with 4H this summer.

I love the furnice. How does it heat up the house and water if it is so far from the house? Is that a dumb question. I just think this thing is awesome. Are you guys going to get any snow?? -Kristin

grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Allyson,
Have you ever heard the song "brighten the corner where you are"? well you definitly brighten the corner where you!!! everytime i see your face i feel like that old rooster crowing but i would be crowing "THAT'S MY GRANDAUGHTER"!!! You need to write your name in the bottom right corner so when you're a famous artist one day that picture will be worth millions of $$$$!!!@#%*$#@*!!!@%$#^&!!!

Katie said...

Allyson, your picture is just amazing! You got all of your Mama's amazing creative talent, that's for sure. Did you draw that for some type of contest with your 4H club?

Candace, that furnace is the neatest thing I've ever seen! That definitely saves a TON of $$ on the electric bill, I'm sure!