Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

Candace's Comment: You guys kept busy! You didn't need to go out to eat w/Mama's delicious cooking available. You had great weather also. Today is our first day w/no rain or snow since Kevin's vacation...a good day to get some work done on the farm. :)
Keep the pictures coming. I want to see a good picture of Mama ringing in 2013!


grandaddy said...

Those were really some "kodak" moments together!!! You all are really having a good time fellowshipping with family around some good food and fun!!!

Anne said...

Your tree is very pretty, Katie. And I know you all are having a wonderful time together. It is hard to remember that it is Christmas time when we are in FL walking on the beach in the sunshine.

Kevin W said...

Loved the pictures, Katie! I talked to you about most of what you did that morning, but it makes it so much more real when I see pictures of it. The meal looked delicous. -Kristin