Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve


Kevin W said...

This is the most entertaining thing I have watched in years. You could make a feature movie out of them opening their christmas and birthday gifts. What precious angels. I love the part where Travis opens up his underwear and socks. I hope you guys find a lot of treasures with that metal detector. We will post some videos soon. -Kristin

grandaddy said...

Dear Pocahontas, Running Bear & Pappoos:

You fellows really struck it rich!!! what a load of gifts!!! I cant wait to get down there and help you put to use your new toys, telescope, helicopter, metal detector, books, clothes, glow dome and bunches more good stuff!!! Dont start playing with any of the above mentioned stuff until I get there----this is an order from heap big sitting bull.

Anne said...

It's hard to get excited about underwear when you are Travis's age but he sure did a good job at being excited. I am still laughing about it. Has anyone found something w/the metal detector? I bet you could find some interesting stuff here on the beach with your detector. The telescope would be great here on our balcony. Allyson,do you think that you could see Mexico with it? We are at Seagrove Beach right now. After you look at the map let me know what you think.