Monday, September 24, 2012

My three gifts on Sunday + one more...

Orchids from Kevin...I love their orange color.

One pound of chocolate from Cathy.
The best chocolate I've ever eaten!

Beef tamales - homemade by Jack Owens. They were DE-licious

Last night, Jean gave me this yummy, guilt-free snack.
A light dark chocolate taste around a healthy almond.


Anne said...

The flowers are beautiful. We had orange roses in our front yard on LI and I loved them. Is it difficult to get the orchids to live long? Yummy, yummy, a whole pound of chocolate. And Jack's delicious tamales. I sure would have liked to help you eat this good meal.

Kevin W said...

Was there a special occasion on Sunday that you got these gifts? Candace, the flowers are absolutely gorgeous. I am a huge fan of orchids. I have actually always wanted to start collecting different ones. They have huge orchids shows around here and they are so fascinating. I didn't know anyone made tamales back in the south. -Kristin

Candace said...

I hope I can keep my orchid alive...I have some orchid food to desolve in water, so hopefully that will help keep it flowering.
Jack is a connoisseur of Mexican food. The chocolate come from Trader Joes. No special occasion...just sweet people being good to me. :)