Saturday, September 22, 2012

Field trip to KY

Yesterday, the Cumberland Gap visitor center had live demonstrations of the pioneer's way of life - their food and how they prepared and cooked it, games, doll making, blacksmithing, toys, music and storying-telling.


Anne said...

I sure would have liked to go on this field trip to this beautiful place. Did you learn how to make the dolls out of corn shucks? Is that Ben with you?

Candace said...

Yes, the ladies showed us how they made the corn husk dolls...using acorns, corn husk and silk, and string. So, Allyson is picking up acorns now to save for the corn harvest next year.
Yes, that is Ben in the last picture.

Kevin W said...

This looked so cool. I would love to go to something like this. We loved the footage of the ball game. Meradeth wants to play so badly. -Kristin

grandaddy said...

Dear Allyson,
You are so sweet and kind, you're a pleasure to be around. I'm very thankful that you are my granddaughter!!! I'm glad you wore your junior ranger badge to Cumberland Gap, that way the rangers knew they had backup near if they needed it!!!

I love you Allyson

Allyson said...

Dear Grandaddy, no one recognized my badge. I am glad you did! Playing music w/the other kids was fun. When the lady called for volunteers, I was in the back standing up and waving my hand...she picked me! We watched a blacksmith make a nail from a metal stick and a hot furnace. He gave us the nail we watched him make.