Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cooking Class

Breakfast from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


Kristin said...

I will be posting different pics and videos of Meradeth and Silas as the learn new things this school year. Here is the first one. Meradeth can make brownies, fried eggs, cereal :), toast w/jelly, and she can make homemade yeast bread rolls (with help). Silas can set the table and fill up the water glasses and take the plates to the sink. :)

Candace said...

Great job, Meradeth! I like your pretty little spatula...Allyson would like to have one of those. We call it a slicka-putin in our house...isn't that the norwegian word for it, Caleb? :)
Silas wouldn't get much done in my house because I would be constantly kissing him...just like I do Travis...hahaha.

Katie said...

I loved watching this! I agree with Candace about kissing Silas all the time. He is such a little angel face I would never get anything done. That's pretty impressive how Meradeth can cook scrambled eggs at 5 years old! I just finished making some and they didn't turn out that nicely! Can't wait to see some more videos!

Anonymous said...

Mera and Silas are so much fun to watch. Mera, you are going to be a great chef someday and Silas can be your restaurant owner. Kristinah and Kevin and sit back and enjoy some good cook'n!

Fran said...

Whoops! forgot to put my name on comment! I forgot my Google password so put it under Anonymous. Kristinah does such a wonderful job with the kids and has so much patience with them. Fran

grandaddy said...

To sweet Meradeth & Silas,
You are such good children!!! You will soon be able to serve your mammy & daddy breakfast in bed! Meradeth I wish i could taste one of your egg wraps and i would sure like for Silas to set my place at the table....maybe one of these days.

I love you both,