Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of Kindergarten 8/20/2012

Kindergarten from kevin whitley on Vimeo.


grandaddy said...

Dear sweet Meradeth & precious Sila,
Grandaddy wishes he was there to enjoy your first day at school with you!!! you 2 are very hard workers doing all your chores so early in the morning!!! Grandaddy sure is proud of you 2 darlings.

i love you Meradeth,
I love you Silas


Anne said...

They are so precious Kristin. I like your chart idea with the smiley faces and seeing them put up their stickers. You have their room set up so nice and organized. It reminds me of my days about 30 years ago. I wish we could hold our darlings in our arms and have them tell us about their day at school.

Katie said...

Have you incorporated any of Grandmother's teaching techniques? If you can't remember them I could share with you some of her favorite motivational tools I remember from my childhood. HAHAHAHAHAA!!

They both look so sweet and darling, Kristin. I don't see how you get any teaching done. I would just be hugging and kissing them all day long.

Candace said...

I like the chore list. One of Silas' chores "put on underwear" ...hahaha...that is so adorable! :)
Beautiful class room...I like Meradeth's desk. Kristin, it looks as if you have some eager beaver students!
Did you cut your hair, Kristin? It still looks long.

Kristin said...

No I havn't cut it yet. I don't want to go get it cut and kevin and his mom have been busy lately so I am just waiting for a large trim from one of them.