Friday, June 15, 2012


The last picture is Kaleb looking spectacular in his three piece, pinstripe suit given to him for his birthday from Uncle Eric and Aunt Katie, Uncle Caleb, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kristin!


Kevin W said...

Oh, I would love to go swimming in a lake again. Kaleb, I used to hate those life jackets. They always felt like they were pushing my head face down in the water. I am so glad mama and daddy makes you guys were those life jackets. Kaleb you look sooooo good in that suit!!!

Anne said...

Grandmother enjoyed watching your day at the lake. Swimming is so much fun.Was the water warm? Did mama have a comfortable chair to sit in while she watched you guys swim? Kaleb, you look so handsome in your new suit. I am looking forward to seeing you wear it in real life.

Kaleb Hanna said...

I push the lifejacket down so my head doesn't go through it. I took my lifejacket off for a little while, and I felt much better. Then I could go under the water.
Grandmother, the water was warm and nice. Mama had one of the chairs on the porch, and she read a book. Thank you for saying I look handsome.