Sunday, June 10, 2012

Song time during family devotions


Candace said...

Meradeth, you are a great instuctor for Silas. I like your sign language you did along w/your singing.
I agree with Kristin/ guys need to sing out! :)

Katie said...

Fantastic vidoes! Kristin, you are the funniest part of the whole thing. HAHAHA!!

Now Meradeth definitely raises her voice in song, but Kevin and Silas may need microphones. :)

grandaddy said...

Dear Silas, you sure did a good job keeping everyone in rhythm... and Meradeth what good shaking you do, that really added a lot of flavor to the song.
i love 2 knuckle heads

Anne said...

Now when you guys move to Tenn we will have a regular band. Kevin Hanna will add his trombone,Katie will play the piano, Kristin on the organ,Allyson,Candace and Caleb will combine w/Kevin's guitar, I will do my violin and we will find some original instruments for Kaleb and Travis. Grandaddy will be the conductor. How does that sound to everyone?