Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mera lost her first tooth, and we got our water filter.


Kevin W said...

Meradeth lost her tooth eating watermelon. She didn't even realize it had fallen out and landed on her skirt. She put it under her pillow and around 2 in the morning she came running into our room with her coin saying, "Mama, the tooth fairy really does exist! Look what she gave me." I had to put her back to bed and try to get her unexcited and asleep again.

We are so excited about our water filter. I have only tasted water like it when I have had well water. Every other type of water I drink now taste as if it is flavored. I recommend it to anyone that does not have the luxury of good well water. It is worth every single penny.

Anne said...

It is hard to focus on Meradeth's tooth when I have all of those darling freckles to look at. She is a cutie. That is an exotic water filter. We sure miss our well water.

Candace said...

Meradeth! Did you get your first visit from the tooth fairy?! You didn't see her, did you? How exciting! I hear you say your "s" different now...hahaha...I bet it's cute. :)

When we were kids, I remember we would put our tooth under the pillow eagerly awaiting the tooth fairy...aka Daddy. :)

grandaddy said...

Dear Meradeth,
Can you close your mouth and stick a straw thru the new hole to sip water?....i sure did enjoy seeing you on the computer the other night!!! are such a big girl now.... do you have anymore loose teeth? grandaddy loves you so much!!!