Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day at the Lake


Anne said...

I can just picture pulling up in one of those coves and spending the night. I loved waking up on grandaddy's houseboat in the morning and watching the mist rise from the lake. It was so peaceful. It sure looks like you had a fun day with eating, swimming and fishing. I would like to hear from each of the kids what their favorite thing was about their day at the lake.

grandaddy said...

ok you kids were supposed to not have to much fun without appears that you are having way to much fun....remember stop having to much fun until i get there!!

Kristin said...

Ok, so heres a question. Are you guys ever going to get a boat?
What lake is this? I could almost feel the sun and smell the water when I looked through the pictures.

Candace said...

To Grandmother...
Allyson's favorite: Riding in the boat and swimming!
Kaleb's favorite: Swimming and floating on my back!
Travis' favorite: Swimming, fishing, and seeing a swordfish!
To Grandaddy...
Allyson: I'm sorry, I'll try my best not to have too much fun until you get here. Hahahahahaha!
Kaleb: Yes, Grandaddy, we will not have that much fun w/out you!
Travis: Lets have fun! But wait a second, not too much fun! We miss you so much. We love our Grandaddy even after all.

Kristin, we have talked about getting a boat. This is Norris Lake, and we go to a nice marina called Hickory Star Marina.