Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Ridge State Park

Today it's raining; but yesterday, we went swimming!


Kristin said...

Is that a fence underwater in the background? Travis, Meradeth would love that float. Her favorite toy to play with in the tub is a shark. She just learned how to float on her back at the pool. Wish we could have been there.

Anne said...

Is that the shark you got in FL years ago? I sure would have enjoyed being in the water with Travis.How long does it take you to get to this park from your house.

Candace said...

I think it is a chainlink fence, Kristin.
Allyson loves to float on her back, just like her Daddy. I can NOT float on my back...of course I can swim; and if I'm not moving, I sink like a lead weight. Allyson is like a buoy.
Yes, I think we did get Bruce in Florida. Big Ridge is about 15 miles from here.

Lula said...

I grew up going to this park :-)

Katie said...

I remember that shark float!!! We bought that when we went to the lake at Camp Blanding down here! I cannot believe how you keep things so nice, Candace. I would have already thrown that in the trash by now.

I wish we had lakes like that here. Not too much fun swimming around when you have to be worried about a gator grabbin' your tail while you're paddling around! ☺